In search of beauty

In its eternal and unsatisfied quest for beauty, Man tirelessly shapes its environment and its everyday objects. And, he is constantly improving his technique and tools. It is in this long process of reflection and preparation that he innovates and reinvents himself. Shoes are born from this machinery; they are admired by not only their technical refinement and aesthetic result but also, by the values they convey.

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Today, craftsmen can access new fields of design thanks to the improvement of technology and industrial machines. These developments enable them to meet the ever-growing demands of our society. And in a world where each and everyone can claim its uniqueness, shoes evolve as well. As emblems of a continuously improved know-how and technique, shoes have gradually become a cultural expression, ambassadors of social codes and a mean to express the wearer’s emotions. It is in this direction that Black Dandy orients its collection.


A state of mind

Since 2009, Black Dandy revisits sneakers and shoes by putting forward tasteful and refined models.

The brand explores multiple universes reflecting individual personalities thanks to its countless variations.

Like a fetish, Black is used as a motor of tradition and modernity to showcase quality products, stylish and flexible for well-shod feet.


 A well-soled trip

Telling the story of a man is like recounting the one of his shoes.

Boots, sneakers and shoes are revealed through stories based in different situations and environment.

This ensemble represents the Black Dandy collections, made of black models and their variants.